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Citylights Property Group, Inc. is a family owned real estate company. Formerly Estate Properties (2009-16), Citylights Property Group, Inc. was founded by broker Juan M. Reyes and established in August of 2016. The company serves all aspects of your real estate needs from the buying or selling of residential and commercial real estate, property management, as well as the buying and selling of businesses.

Juan M. Reyes - Chief Executive Officer (BRE# 01875165)
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Juan M. Reyes has been in the real estate and management business for over 8 years. He is a military veteran who served in the U.S. Army as well as a retired law enforcement officer of 29 years. Upon retirement he decided to take up real estate which he had a passion for allowing him to become the responsible real estate broker that he is today.
Juan D. Reyes - Broker/Certified PPM (BRE# 02010568)
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Juan David Reyes is a licensed real estate broker and property manager for Citylights Property Group, Inc. He successfully accomplished C.A.R.'s Property Management Master's Certification courses providing him with the ability to not only manage your single family residences, but to also manage, buy/sell, and value commercial real estate including apartment complexes and vacation rentals. Furthermore, having a keen interest for business, he continued his education with the California Association of Business Brokers allowing him to buy/sell businesses for clients regardless of whether or not the business owns the real estate it operates out of. He is able to review profit and loss statements, recast seller discretionary earnings statements, reconstruct balance sheets, as well as offer business valuations. He looks forward to providing his clients and residents with the best possible service, knowledge, and commitment available.
Jonathan Espinal - Realtor
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Jonathan Espinal is a licensed California Realtor living in San Jose (Silicon Valley). As a 1st generation American, he knows from firsthand experience all the hard work and dedication it takes for working class families to buy their own homes. Jonathan has made it his personal priority to assist anyone who desires to be informed and empowered with the knowledge of the real estate industry. Once a Marine who specialized in Logistics and Embarkation, Jonathan was trained to strive for excellence and to find sensible solutions to any challenges that may arise, no matter how big or small they may be. After his service in the Marine Corps, Jonathan went on to pursue a career in Account Management and Operations. People need someone who is fully dedicated to the best interests of their clients and who will deliver positive results. Contact Jonathan to help guide you, step by step, in the process of buying or selling your property.

Jonathan Espinal es un agente de bienes y raíces con licencia del estado de California. Como estadounidense de primera generación, conoce por experiencia propia el trabajo duro y la dedicación que se necesita para que las familias de clase trabajadora compren sus casas. Jonathan ha hecho de su prioridad personal ayudar a cualquiera que desee ser informado y empoderado con el conocimiento de la industria de bienes y raíces. Como Marine de los Estados Unidos, Jonathan se especializó en logística, embarque y fue capacitado para luchar por la excelencia, encontrando soluciones sensatas a los desafíos que puedan surgir, sin importar cuán grandes o pequeños sean. Después de su servicio en los Marines, Jonathan siguió una carrera en Gestión de Cuentas y Operaciones. La gente necesita a alguien que luche por sus mejores intereses. Jonathan está listo para guiarlo, paso a paso, hasta terminar el proceso de la compra o la venta de su casa. Orgullosamente, sirviendo a nuestra gente en su idioma.